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Calcium Formate

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Calcium Formate
Calcium formate is the calcium salt of formic acid. It is also known as E238. Under this E number it is used as an animal feed preservative within EU, but not in foods intended for people.

Calcium formate is stable at room temperature, is inflammable and forms orthorhombic crystals. The mineral form is very rare and called formicaite, and is known from a few boron deposits.

Physical Properties :
Chemical Name Calcium diformate
CAS No 544-17-2
Molecular structure Calcium Formate
Molecular Formula Ca(HCO2)2
Appearance white-to-yellow crystals , smells slightly like acetic acid
Molecular weight 130.113

Specifications :
Color and Physical Form crystalline powder
Molecular weight 130.113
Density 2.02 g/cm3
pH of 10% Water Solution 7.5

Packaging :
25 kg PP bag with LDPE liner inside / 500 kg and 1000 kg Jumbo bag.

Application :
  • Calcium formate is used as cement additive and concrete accelerator, tile adhesives and cement-based mortars. The growth in the consumption of cement from the construction industry effectively boosts the demand for calcium formate market.
  • Calcium formate is used within EU as an animal feed preservative. It acidifies the feed thus preventing microbe growth and increasing shelf life.
  • Calcium formate is used as a masking agent in the chrome tanning of leather. Calcium formate in tannage formulation promotes faster, more efficient leather penetration of the chrome. Calcium formate can also be used as a replacement for formic acid in the pickling operation.

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