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Contract Manufacturing

Besides having excelled as a manufacturer of Chelating agents (EDTA, DTPA, NTA and their derivatives), Chelated Micronutrients and Fine Chemicals, in addition, AVA Chemicals offers Contract Manufacturing Services.

AVA Chemicals' team consists of well experienced chemical engineers who carry out operations in a very efficient way. The team includes chemists, well experienced experts in quality analysis and quality control, data scientists and market researchers who study the market according to current trends and provide the best technical solutions for future in terms of product and process advancement.

We assure to provide you with a one roof solution for all contract manufactured products efficiently in terms of operation, regulation and cost. Hence, reducing your burden of manufacturing and reduce the supply chain, enabling you to focus on your core competencies. How do we deal with Custom/ Contract Manufacturing?

In either case, we sign Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs), Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements (CDA's) / Customer Protection Guarantee (CPG's) etc, which is a standard practice.

Who do we currently serve?

Chemical Reaction Facilities

AVA Chemicals provides facilities for carrying out various
Chemical reactions:
Acetylation Coupling Grignard reaction
Addition Cyanation Halogenation
Alkylation Cyclisation Hydrogenation
Amidation Diazotation Hydrolysis
Aminolysis Esterification Melting reaction
Bromination Etherification Nitration
Catalytic Heterocyclic synthesis Oxidation
Chiral chemistry Ethoxilation Quarternisation
Condensation Fridel-craft &bnsp;

Equipments Utilities
Blender GLR Air Compressor
Tray Dryer Leaf Filter Boiler
Sieving Machine Miller Chilling Plant
Centrifuge Pilot Plant- 50 Litres Cooling Tower
Crystallizer Rubber Line Reactors D. M. Water Plant
Distillation Unit Sparkler Filter Thermo Pac
Evaporator Spray Dryer Vacuum Pumps.
FBD SSR Water/ Steam Jet ejector
Reactors ranging from 2 KL to 10 KL Capacity Water Ring Pump

Equipment / Facilities

QC/QA Equipments
AAS Oven
Analytical Weighing Balance pH meter
Boiling Point Apparatus Polarimeter
Dual Wavelength U.V. Cabinet. Potentiometric Titration Apparatus
Gas Chromatography (GC) Pycnometer
HPLC Spectrophotometer
Karl Fisher Apparatus UV Chamber
Laboratory Oven Viscometer
Melting Point Apparatus Water Still 4 litre/ hr. Capacity.
Muffle Furnace

Apart from these, we have -

Installed Capacity Spare Capacity
Approx. 14000 MTs Approx. 18 - 24%

We offer a vast choice of packaging to our customers:-

Solid Products 25 Kg Plastic Bags, Kraft Paper Bags, 500 / 1000 kg Jumbo bags, Plastic Drums, Fiber Drums ranging from 25 to 100 kg.
Liquid Products 50 / 65 kg Blue / Grey Carboys, 210/250 kg plastic drums, IBCs, ISO Tanks, SS Tanks, flexi tanks etc.

Certification & Recognition Plant Location

Since we manufacture many of our own starting materials, we maintain a strict control over every production process. This enables us to make adjustments in materials and processing techniques at necessary points to match the exact requirements of our customers' specifications.

Third party manufacturing / Toll manufacturing
We provide our specialised equipment, infrastructure and services to processes raw materials or semi finished goods for our clients. Industries Served Pharmaceutical, Soap and Detergent, Chemical, Food and Agro, etc.

Chemical Job Work
Aims at improving the quality of life by converting raw materials into more durable and usable products Services offered:Chemical testing, Chemical mixing, Reactionary testing and analysis, etc.

Repacking and Labelling
We have a pool of industry professionals who are proficient in packaging and they use of high grade material and equipment for packaging. This service is accomplished in timely manner and is considered to be one of the best. Our experts use cartons, bags different material as per the packed product requirement

If you are looking for immediate and unique business solutions, outsourcing of your products, process scale-up, custom manufacturing or an extension of your manufacturing line, AVA Chemicals is ready to discuss your specific requirements and offer appropriate solutions.

Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing

One of the largest pharma contract manufacturing company in India

Contract Manufacturing for Specialty Chemicals

A premiere contract manufacturer of specialty chemicals.

We offer a highly competent and reliable resource for contract manufacturing. Staffed by many experienced and qualified Chemists.

Contract Manufacturing for Agrochemical Companies

Pesticide Agrochemical Contract Manufacturing

Crop protection chemical formulations, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, herbicide.

Contract Manufacturing for Metal Coating Industry

Pesticide Agrochemical Contract Manufacturing

Crop protection chemical formulations, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, herbicide.

Contract Manufacturing for Water Treatment

Help us reaching our goal to make clean water accessible for India.

Offering Contract Manufacturing For Water Treatment Companiesin Badlapur, Thane, Maharashtra

For more details contact:

Mr. Viejay Bhatia
Head Business Development
AVA Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Telephone: +91-22-42559418/+91-7045913282

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